The first episode of «We are #Andreas Bakkerud» is online NOW!

Episode one is named the “The Driver” and brings you closer to the man himself – Andreas Bakkerud. The 23 year old was born in Bergen, Norway, and is a world class rallycrossdriver for Ford Olsbergs MSE. He started go-karting at 8 years old and has since been fighting at the top-level in several different motorsport categories, both nationally and internationally.


You’ll also learn who his original idol was, and who inspired him to start racing. Managing director of IMG / FIA WorldRX, Martin Anayi tells you about the differences between rally and rallycross – and why Andreas is important for this sport.

Rallycross went from being merely a European championship to a FIA World Championship before the 2014-season.
– There has been tremendous developments in recent years. I have the belief that rallycross will be much larger internationally in just a few years, says Bakkerud.

The young Norwegian also became European champion in Super1600 both in the 2011- and 2012 season. He has received national awards such as «Motorsport talent of the year» in 2010, “Motorsport athlete of the year» in 2012 and he has also been a member of the national «Junior Team of Norway» since he was 16 years old.

This week Andreas Bakkerud won the #WorldRX team championship with his Ford Olsbergs MSE team.

– To win something together with others is a wonderful feeling. I have everything to thank my partners, family and team for. The feeling of winning the world title in team championship means so much also. With this web series, I also finally have the opportunity to give something back to a few of those who have contributed so much to get me to where I’m at! I am eternally grateful to them, concludes Andreas Bakkerud.

This are the episodes in «We are #AndreasBakkerud»

Episode 1: «The Driver» – Meet Andreas Bakkerud
Episode 2: «The Team» – Meet the team around Andreas
Episode 3: «The Fans» – Meet the fans
Episode 4: «The Family» – Meet the family
Episode 5: «The Partners» – About those who have made everything happen.
Episode 6: «The Future» – About the way forward.

The series will be published on and in all social media of Anderas Bakkerud.

All episodes are online before Christmas.