Andreas Bakkerud has throughout his entire career had amazing support from various resourceful people. –“Everyone who has contributed are essential components in getting me to where I am in motorsport right now, and the fact that I can call myself a world champion in rallycross together with my team Ford Olsbergs MSE. “There are so many key people around me that I get goose bumps thinking about it”, says Bakkerud with his familiar smile.


– In motorsport you’re 100% dependent on your team, and the people around you. In a WorldRX round with Ford Olsbergs MSE I have a minimum of five people working dedicated just for me, but there’s often close to 20 people working for my teammate, Reinis Nitiss, and me on a race weekend. The humble and grateful Bakkerud has always had a solid team behind him: “-My dad both was both team manager, mechanic and chef during the years I drove in karting, so together we were the perfect team”.

When we in 2010 we decided to go international with rallycross, we realized that we needed help from several others to have an opportunity to succeed. One of those who came into the team was Bakkerud’s current manager, Jan Tore Brustad: – I was asked to make a contribution with media and PR. The first weekend I met the team in Bergen I became quite sure that this would go far. Andreas was only 16 years old at the time, but during the weekend I was there the young man had over 50 people working voluntarily to get his car and bus ready for the season. This eagerness to contribute has since spread, not just from family and friends, but also local sponsors and partners tells Brustad.

When Bakkerud signed for Ford Olsbergs MSE in January 2014, Brustad, who since 2010 had only helped out as a hobby, became employed as Bakkeruds full time-manager. -We are probably one of the few in Norway who today make a living working with motorsports full time, and we are proud to have been given this opportunity, says Brustad.

It’s Brustad’s firm belief that working full-time is necessary to keep up with the pace in which the sport of rallycross now evolves. In this season, Jan Tore has been working 50% for my team Ford Olsbergs MSE so we could reach our goal financially. But we feel that we have benefited greatly from being able to focus on this season as a job, says Bakkerud.

When Bakkerud became European champion in Super1600 in both 2011 and 2012, he drove for Finnish SET Promotion and during his debut-year in Supercars; he drove for the Monster Energy team LD Motorsport.
– I’ve had incredible benefits of being part of great teams during my entire career. The fact that we in 2011 dared to sign for SET Promotion is also one of the crucial choices made in my career, says Bakkerud.

Another team that has meant a lot to Bakkerud is “Junior Team of Norway”, a junior national team for motorsport talents, supported by the Norwegian ASN. “Junior Team of Norway” and boss Holm Jacob Matheson has followed Bakkerud at various levels since he was 16 years old. In recent years, with regular training camps and especially close monitoring of coach Fredrik Brenna-Lund.
– Fredrik has meant a lot to my development as an athlete. Both diets, mental training and not least grueling pushing on the physical training has taken me several steps forward only this year, says Bakkerud.

All major teams have their distinct characteristics and colors. Bickered is, however, quite possibly the most unique when it comes to profile and coloring. The easily recognizable blue has followed Andreas Bickered since he started his own team in 2010. – My sponsor Informativ basically wanted pink because of its visibility, but luckily it became blue, tells Bakkerud.

– In 2014, we joined up with Ninabea Design and Branding to conceptualize the brand “Andreas Bakkerud“, which is a step further with a new logo and design elements around the number 13 and the letter B.
I had a hairy goal of creating a logo that was as simple and recognizable as Nike’s logo.
We found our own thing, and I am very happy about it, concludes Bakkerud.

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