In the third episode of “We are #Andreas Bakkerud” we get to meet the famous #BakkerudBLUE fans. Andreas and his die-hard supporters are well known at rallycross tracks across Europe for their extreme enthusiasm and endless commitment. As well as providing loud, loving support from the stands, the #BakkerudBLUE fans have also contributed financially to complete the overall season budget.
-This season alone we’ve had over 700 of our own fans travel to see races, we’ve traded tour-packages for over €110.000 and we’ve also sold almost 1,500 merchandise items, says manager Jan Tore Brustad.


-I really appreciate the commitment and enthusiasm the fans show. I’m a person who gets a lot of energy by having positive people around me”, says Andreas Bakkerud. Due to the fact that the supporters provide an important economic contribution, Team Bakkerud have therefore given back by organizing tour-packages for several of this year’s races.

-We’ve tried to arrange tours at reasonable prices, so that as many fans as possible can join. The races in Norway and Sweden are by far the biggest of our events. To these two trips alone we took out nearly 500 entry tickets in total, but in Italy we were also over 100 people with the full VIP-package as well. We definitely want to develop more tour-concepts, and next season, this will be something that we ‘ll focus even more on, says manager Jan Tore Brustad.

A true fan also buys supporter clothing, and almost 1,500 items were sold during this season.
-We are very visible with the blue colour and when such large numbers of supporters show up in the stands as well, it’s even more dominant. –I don’t really see them when I drive, but it’s absolutely wonderful to cross the finish line and be met by such a great and enthusiastic crowd, said Bakkerud.

Bakkerud’s hometown Bergen is known for having very enthusiastic people, and this charismatic trait has definitely rubbed off on all of his supporters, regardless of origin. In the #BakkerudBLUE team it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, they all share a passion, and that passion has a name: Andreas.

The fans obviously can’t praise their idol enough:
-He is everything, everything in a dictionary and he really cares about everyone. He is down to earth, unique and just great” are just some of the words said by the supporters.

Bakkerud himself is humble to all the praise coming in.
-Sure it means a lot, and it motivates me to work against a new and tough rallycross season.
I think many envy me for our supporters, and so they should, because they are the absolute best fans in the world, grins Bakkerud.

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