In the fifth episode of “We are #AndreasBakkerud” we get to meet some of the people who have made Andreas Bakkerud’s dreams come true: “The Partners”. –Unfortunately you won’t go far in motorsports by just being a talented driver. The economic aspect is crucial, and without solid partners backing you, it’s almost impossible! I’m incredibly lucky to have such wonderful support from all my local and loyal partners, says Andreas.


The annual budget for a twelve round FIA World Rallycross Championship is obviously huge. Bakkerud’s team, Ford Olsbergs MSE and their partners contribute the biggest part of the budget, and in addition to this, Andreas also has his own local partners. Many from the latter group have supported Andreas throughout his entire career by contributing small amounts per. year, however, the overall still adds up to significant amounts.

-It’s important for me to take care of those who have lifted me to where I am today. Without them I would’ve never had the chance to fight for the world championship title in rallycross at the age of 23. All though, the overall costs are rapidly increasing, and it’s also a challenge to be able to brand everyone in a good way, says Andreas.

Overall in the year 2014, Bakkerud have had 63 companies involved his in his B2B-network. Even though 40 of the companies don’t contribute with more than just a few percent of the total budget, they’re still valuable and dynamic assets in the B2B-group.
-The concept of “Business to business” (B2B) is something we work hard to accomplish, and it’s also something we’ve had good experiences with from the past, he says.

-The budget for the actual driving in the 2015 FIA World Rallycross Championship is already in place. However, we’re just now starting the process of renewing contracts with our existing partners, while at the same looking for additional contributors. The goal is to sign with a personal national partner that Andreas can work closely with.

Andreas obviously has to do his physical exercise, and hopefully several test runs, but there’s still a lot of time to work directly with partners. This collaboration may be related to the launch of new products, internal promotions, activity days for employees and their families or just event sessions with driving- and skill-development. This will increase awareness about Andreas Bakkerud as a person and driver, and also represent great PR for our other partners, says manager Jan Tore Brustad.

– I’m constantly looking to develop as a driver. Finding finances to run tests on snow and ice during the winter months is definitely one of the goals we’re working towards. The season runs from May to November, but I obviously have to stay focused during the off-season as well, says Andreas Bakkerud.

Bakkerud is eternally grateful for the support the partners give him:
-Financial contributions and branding on the car is not necessarily everything. My partners are more than just my sponsors. Many of them have sponsored the Bakkerud-family for years and are our dear friends. Others have become “addicted” to rallycross after having seen races as supporters. I also think a lot of them live out their own dreams through my career. Because by working closely with us, they actually have a chance of becoming a world champion. That makes me extra proud, concludes Bakkerud.