Through the first five episodes of the web series “We are #AndreasBakkerud” we’ve met some of the key-people who’ve supported the 23-year-old all through his rallycross career. – I am incredibly proud of the web series, and also the fact that I’ve been able to show you some of the wonderful people who have helped make my dream come true. They truly deserve all praise they can get, says Andreas Bakkerud.

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The sixth and final episode takes us back to where it all started, Eikås Motorsenter in Åsane, outside of Bergen. -It was here my dad and my uncle drove rallycross and it’s also here I eventually started driving go-karts, says Andreas.

In accordance to the title of the episode, he also lets us meet what he hopes will be the future of Norwegian motorsports, namely his very own “Mr.Baby Blue Junior-team”.

-It is definitely motivating to watch them race and gradually develop as drivers. The main goal for them is to work together as a team, and grow experience in motor sport by being excited and positive. I try to give them some tips and suggestions along the way, and of course I try to motivate them as much as I can, says Andreas. The parents handle the operation of the team, but they are also full of praise for the team’s captain:
-He’s an incredibly good role model for the youngsters”, says one of the dads.

Andreas is still driving for his home club NMK Bergen when he competes in the WorldRX, and as often as possible he tries to join the local training days at Eikås Motorsenter.
-It gives me additional valuable driving experience, but also simply being with all those who compete at the local- and national levels gives me a lot of motivation. One of my goals for the future is to help Bergen get an even bigger motorsport environment, and also give more talents the opportunity to succeed, says Andreas.

Andreas himself entered the motorsport circus with support from all the various people who helped him build his career.
-The feedback on the “We are #AndreasBakkerud”-web series has been incredible and I’m so proud of everyone who has contributed. Like I said; I‘ve finally been able to show off some of the wonderful people who helped me make my dream come to reality and I can probably never thank them enough, says Andreas humbly.

Bakkerud has now completed his fifth season in rallycross. The trophy list is already full, with both international and national achievements and titles. All though he believes that these five years have only been the beginning.

-The future of rallycross is great, and interest is definitely growing now. Thanks to the efforts that Martin Anayi and IMG now have put down, rallycross will grow rapidly in the coming years. I will do my very best to be a part of the elite for many years to come. With all my supporters behind me, and a great Ford Fiesta ST from Olsbergs MSE, I’m ready to fight for more victories and more titles -which hopefully give those around me much joy and enthusiasm, concludes Bakkerud.

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