“WE are #Andreas Bakkerud”

Bakkerud launches own web series about the team around his career
Rallycross driver Andreas Bakkerud won this weekend the team-title with his Olsbergs MSE in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. On Thursday the 4th of December the first of six episodes in his own web series will be published. The series, titled “We are #AndreasBakkerud” allows you to meet the fans, partners, the team and the supporters who have helped him up in his career.

Watch the teaser here

Bakkerud is known for both its own involvement and smile, but also for his partners and eager fans who travel around the world to support Bakkerud. – To the WorldRX event in Norway we were over 250 fans who travelled, and we wanted to create a short video showing the commitment and enthusiasm of our fans #BakkerudBLUE, says Andreas Bakkerud.

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In cooperation with our partners and main partner Like a Boss, Bakkerud got the chance to bring the two video reporters Thomas Skavhellen and Andreas Enehaug to the track in Hell.

– We did not know anything about rallycross or Andreas as a person, but thought that we certainly would be able to stitch together a simple three-minute clip about his fans, says Thomas Skavhellen.
It should, however, prove to be a completely different experience for the two rallycross newcomers: – When we got up on the track in Hell the day before the race we realized quickly that this was definitely greater than we had imagined, says Skavhellen

– There is a absolutely massive commitment to Andreas. There were more than 15,000 spectators at the Norwegian event and over 35,000 Swedish event, but wherever we turned there where fans dressed in their #BakkerudBLUE t-shirts and sweaters, says Andreas Enehaug.

Skavhellen and Enehaug began trying to take on all the impressions. Who really is this 23-year-old superstar from Bergen, that gets over 200 people from Bergen to travel by them selves around the world to support? After two weekends at the races, and hours of video content gathered there was only one thing to do. – We just had to make a documentary that told what we had experienced says Enehaug and explains:

– It’s a real Hollywood story we want to tell. This is a boy who has worked hard all his life to get to the level he is at today. It’s a crazy expensive sport to be in, so here he has worked hard both to get the help of local partners and on the track to get things to go around.

– The best thing is that we have been obsessed with both Andreas and rallycross says Skavhellen. No one have had a negative comment about the boy. It’s a lovely engagement with songs and chants that are completely carried away. On day one we taught ourselves everything about rallycross and on day two we were in deep discussions about strategy with other Bakkerud fans. Who would believe that when we said yes to the mission, laughing Skavhellen.

The result is six episodes of 6 to 8 minutes with the following titles:
Episode 1: “The driver” – Meeting with Andreas Bakkerud

Episode 2: “The team” – About the team around Andreas

Episode 3: “The family – About family and Andrew his upbringing

Episode 4: “The fans” – About fans and the extraordinary commitment

Episode 5: “The partners” – About those who have made this commitment financially feasible

Episode 6: “The future” – About the way forward

The series will be published on and in all BAKKERUD social medias.
First episode is online Thursday 4 December, and all episodes are online before Christmas.

– To win something together with others is a wonderful feeling. I have everything to thank my partners, family and team for. That’s way the feeling of winning the world title in team championship means so much also. With this web series, I am finally also have the opportunity to give a little tribute back to a few of those who have contributed so much so got this chance! I am them eternally grateful, concludes Andreas Bakkerud.